Sunday, December 23, 2012

Leadership Training Seminar

Imagine you are in a pastoral position, leading a congregation of 150-200 believers to serve Christ in spiritual maturity. You are expected to teach on a semi-regular basis. You pray with the sick, counsel those in need, and baptize those coming into the church. 

But every day you face a wall blocking you from nurturing your own relationship with Christ. You can’t read. You have a Bible, you carry it to church, and even open it to preach, but the scrawling marks on the pages blur together before you. You try to recall some of the stories that you know lay within its pages.

You hear other preachers talk of salvation and being sanctified, but that only adds to the depression of your handicap, because you really don’t understand what all that means. 

This is the reality of many leaders in our world today. The 17th through the 20th of December, we hosted the first of two four day leadership training seminars in the mountains of Peyi-Pouri. Of our 89 daily attendance, 26 could not read. All but three of the church pastors made up this group, the rest being deacons and Sunday school teachers.

The attentiveness and enthusiasm of these leaders spoke of their hunger for truth. After each session, questions poured out related or un-related. None the less, the hearts and minds of these teachers were challenged. As Exantus Pierre (one of the leaders) put it, "A lot of this teaching challenges even the way we think."

Pastor Drvilmè Narilus said, "Our churches are dying a spiritual death due to our lack of understanding."

 Bro. Andrew Eversole and Ric Gullman taught our main themes: Effective Christian Leadership and Basic Christian Theology. Mike Martin began each day with lessons from Matt. 5-7 and Emanuel Schrock closed with clear messages on salvation. We were also blessed to have a great team of translators, Wismith Joseph and James Augustin.

I must also commend the ladies in the kitchen who gave of their time to serve food every day, without complaint. We could not have asked for better help.

Also, brother Eralus, brother Chirlton, and good friend Jotasse played roles that no other shoes could fill. 

Upon ending the last day, all the pastors encompassed us in prayer for the upcoming seminar in southern part of Peyi-Pouri. We ask that you to would come to our Lord in prayer, seeking His presence with us next week as we continue to minister in this way.

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  1. I am in an education class at a college in Tennessee. Our assignment was to look up 2 blogs that were not already on our website and comment on them. My thought was ok i'm really bad with computers letts find something. I have been looking for days for something to write on worth interest. I found alot of websites about cats and football, but honestly i wanted to find something that had some meaning. I then typed in "mission blogs," and this popped up.... O my goodness. I heard of stories like this in church but i had never been able to see.... Not with my eyes from they are human... But with my heart.... These people can even read the word of God and yet they are completely devoted to it ... I just wanted to say thank you I've always wanted to do international missions but this is truly a sign that i can still do things here where i am... i will be praying for you and thank you for everything you are letting christ do through you. I hope that someday I am spreading The word about Christ with the same honor of all he is the way you are.