Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Medical Relief"

Melissa Pierre had a Colostomy surgery in September. Now her mom owes the hospital $1,000. Melissa has 3 older brothers and to make matters worse Melissa's dad left and no one knows where he is. Melissa needs to go back for regular check ups and lab tests. Her mom needs to pay for these. Because Melissa's mom doesn't have money for food, Melissa has not been getting enough breast milk. Then Friday night she got sick with diarrhea and vomiting causing her to dehydrate. Thankfully the vomiting stopped, so we have her some Pedialyte. We also gave the mom a case of MannaPacs, some cans of beef, Herbalife, money for formula, and money to go to the appointment on Monday. You can help by making a donation marked "Medical Relief".

On Friday, Melissa's brother was sick. Here is at the clinic. Jeana is giving him some medicine.

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