Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cholera Epedemic

Please help us prepare for the cholera epidemic. If you are a doctor, nurse, or other medical person, please consider volunteering to help with the cholera epidemic.

If cholera breaks out in the Ganthier/ Fond Parisien area, we must be prepared!

If you are interested please contact me (Michael Martin) at, or call 313-879-0953.

Please consider donating to help us stock medical supplies.

Thanks, and may God Bless.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Today the children's home kids all came over to the main compound so the ladies could go shopping at the Croix-de-bouquet market. Above Michelet-20 mo., Edlens-17 mo.,Wilson -2 1/2yr, are chilling on the couch.

Came Suze-8yr, is always our smiley ray of sunshine, even tho' she has cerebral palsy.

Little Hosanna Grace who now weighs in at 6 1/2lbs, was as pretty as peach in her hot pink dress today! She is about the size of a regular newborn now.

Michelet, Eldens & Wilson are leaning in for the take off. The little guys as well as the big guys had lots of fun on the moto. It doesn't take long for little boys to come running when they hear the moto start!!

The shop is always a busy place. Here Shea is helping some guys with welding projects and Ray has four little guys with him on this moto ride!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today was a most interesting day at the clinic! I'm very sorry I didn't have my camera along to take pictures to blog with this but I'll do my best to tell the story.
We had just got started on our day when a motorcycle came flying in the laneway. I asked Hannah,"What in the world is with the guys on this moto?" Didn't take me long to see there was a guy driving and a guy on the back holding another guy who was limply hanging over the side! Uh,Oh!!! this doesn't look good.!! They raced in and plopped him on a bed and the next half hour was complete chaos as we tried to listen to what happened and who hit who etc. etc. Finally we figured out this guy got hit by a vehicle and the driver was at fault,but was vehemently denying it! It made quite a ruckus!Nobody seemed as concerned about the injured victim as about what happened and who's fault it was! Oh dear! The family of the injured was already holding the driver's car hostage while they were all arguing at the clinic. Finally doc got them convinced to just call the police and take care-well that can be interesting in Haiti!
It wasn't long before the police jeep came in the lane. The guys were all business as they strode in and got the driver of the vehicle and a friend that was on scene. The back door of the jeep was opened and the two individuals were herded in. Moments later they were out the lane and off to the police station in Malpasse and that was that!! I guess we'll never know what happened but we can only imagine since hitting a person in Haiti can cause a big problem!!
Meanwhile the victim was lying quite still on the bed and we later wondered if he had a concussion. Finally the nurse got an IV going and with some help from administrative staff they arranged for our ambulance to come and pick up the victim and take him to Port au Prince to a hospital. Since the ambulance was already gone on a run we had to wait till after 1:00p.m. to take him in to town for further help.!
Please continue to pray for us as we work with situations like this. May we remember that God is always in control and he gives his perfect wisdom.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Normal Life and Earthquake Housing

Tibibi is helping get water. We haul all of our drinking from the deep well at the hospital property. Please pray for Tibibi. He is an orphan. He recently got kicked out of school for threatening teachers, coming to school with a stabbing knife, and throwing rocks on the front school gate.

Madam Gesnert and Daphka making lunch last Thursday. Madam Gesnert gave birth to a little girl on Saturday morning. Please pray for her. Also, please pray for Gesnert's salvation.

"Group Esther" singing at church on Sunday morning. Daphka is the third girl from the left. "Group Esther" is a newly formed singing group.

Foundations for the earthquake victims houses.

We are so thankful to have the F450 going again. It is a very useful vehicle. We had to change the high pressure oil injection pump.

Please continue to pray for the earthquake housing project. It is a blessing to work with the local committee to make this a reality. Thank you to all of you that have donated funds and building materials. We have funding to build 14 duplexes. We have enough land to build 20 duplexes. Please pray with us that we will receive enough funding to build all 20 duplexes.

We have openings for work teams. We are looking for teams to lay blocks and teams to put on the roofs. Call Merv at 517-287-4007 if you are interested.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Housing Project becomes visible

After months of legal work and waiting, we are finally seeing visible progress on the earthquake housing project.

Unloading 1,000 bags of cement!

Shea helping to lay out the houses.

Shea and Ray finish setting strings for the inside wall foundations. She and Ray worked together with the Haitian contractor to set up the outside walls. Lots of confusion and frustration trying to think in meters and feet/inches at the same time. The house recipients are digginng the foundation.
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