Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Between Now and Sun-set.

The sun rising above the lake.

I was amazed as I sat and watched the early morning sky change from Black to Gery,

but I became enraptured as the Grey slowly turned too lighter shades and suddenly

what was a Black sky just a few minutes earlier was now a blazing scene of Black, Grey,

Pink, Red, and Blue.

As I was watching this all take place I began to think about the sun-set and how these two

events compare to our life.

God created each one of us, but because of our sin we have been separated from Him,

unless we permit "The Son, Jesus Christ" to rise in our life we will not be able to enjoy life,

and when we come to the end of the day, "our life is ended," we will not enjoy the sun-set because we will be cast away into a deep and horrible darkness.

Where you have been, and what you have done doesn't matter.

The deciding fact in where you will be at the end of the day

hangs totally on this one thing.

"Will you let "The Son, Jesus Christ" rise in your life?"

You only have between now and sun-set to get ready.

Monday, August 1, 2011

life is good

After winding our way up the mountain road, you can see for miles around! This is a lake in the Dominican Republic.

The mountain folk grow amazing veggie gardens... right now cabbage, potatoes and onions are selling at a low price. We bought 7 heads of cabbage for $.84 US.

Nothing like good ole pine trees and brilliant blue sky.

The used clothes section in the market. Something for everyone!

The animals waiting to take their loads home.

We even found WILD STRAWBERRIES up in the mountains...


What a revitalizing day enjoying God's beautiful creations!!

On our way home we stopped in Fond Verette at Yonel's for a visit. They served us crackers and juice, and then Yonel sang and prayed with us. They are a very nice Christian family and showed great hospitality. Yonel is growing potatoes and onions for IFM and they should be ready to harvest in a few weeks.