Thursday, August 28, 2014

Planning Meeting with Mountain Church Leaders

     Yesterday, Pete and I went to Pays Pourri with Eralus to meet with the church leaders to plan the "Church Leader Seminar" for December. They are very happy for the good teaching they have received in the past 2 years. They reported that the teaching and the three ring binder of notes have helped them in sermon preparation. One of the pastors said, "We had a church and our own words, but now we are giving God's Word!"

At the church in Robia with the church leaders from the north side of Pays Pourri and the adjoining section of Marre Roseau.

At Eralus' School in Badi with the church leaders from the south side of Pays Pourri and some from Bel Fontaine. Some walked 4 hours to come to this planning meeting.  

Pete looking over notes.

Eralus taking the names, phone numbers, and church names of everyone at the meeting.

Pete giving a devotional. He spoke about seeking first the kingdom of God.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kiko's Ordination

On Sunday, August 17, 2014, Kiko was ordained pastor of the church in Jimani. We praise God for blessing the work in Jimani. Kiko was just a young boy when the mission started the work in Jimani. God has led and guided Kiko. We thank God for the missionaries that were willing to invest in Kiko. We thank Tom and Laurie for standing beside Kiko and Vicky in this work.

Tom opened the service by reading a Psalm and leading us in singing.

This is the church building.

This is the church sign by the road.

This brother blessed us with a special song.

This sister sang her heart in Creole.

These young girls interpreted a song with graceful motions.

Merv preaching with Carlos interpreting.


Asking the questions to Kiko and Vicky.

Giving the charge.

Praying over Kiko.

Church members greeting Kiko and Vicky.

The Haiti missionaries greeting Kiko and Vicky.

Kiko sharing his gratitude to God.

A meal was provided afterward.

Fellow-shipping together.