Saturday, July 23, 2011

beef on the run

On the way to Port on an ambulance run.... this unfortunate calf ran into the ambulance!!

Skinning the beef in the courtyard with lots of handy advice....

The supper table turned into the butcher block!!

Fresh meat for the freezer! Yeah!!

The tired, but jolly butcher. What a great night!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A day of rest.

A view from the beach walk.
Saturday morning all the IFM headquarters staff and the WATER Team got
into our truck and enjoyed a two and one-half drive to the beach.
After the long ride it felt good to get out and walk around and take in the beauty of the park.
After we paid our admission we headed for the beach.
It was absolutely beautiful; the water was a lovely blue, and the sand was clean and white.
I was totally amazing as I sat on the sand and watch the waves come in and break when they hit the beach. As I sat there I was meditating on Gods wonderful creation and the beauty of it all.
There is no possible way any human could create the sea, and place the sand, stones, plants and fish in it. It had to be created by almighty God!
Around noon we got lunch and then returned to the water and enjoyed several more hours of swimming and visiting before we needed to leave for home.