Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Meeting House in Jimani!

Here are a few photos from last week. We had 8-10 men working every day. We thank God for His provision to begin construction of the new meeting house. To God be the glory!    -Tom

The foundation is in place.

God's Word being proclaimed!

 The walls going up.

 The block walls are completed.

The inspection team.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Eglise Eau de Vie de Pays Pourri (Water of Life Church in Pays Pourri)

This weekend I had the opportunity to go up the mountain to our Eglise Mennonite Eau de Vie de Pays Pourri (Water of Life Mennonite Church in Pays Pourri) along with a group from our Fond Parisien church.

 The evening service in the mountain church by lantern light

Pastor Voltaire giving a vibrant message.

Here is the bed that Pastor Voltaire and I slept in.

 There were some boards falling out of the bottom of the bed, leaving some holes.

 This is the house we stayed in. It belongs to Jorèl, Pastor Jack's son, who has moved to Brasil. 

 Pastor Voltaire, Jorèl Inosant (Octalia's husband), and Deacon Gesner.

It was nice and cool.

 This girl is making some breakfast for us. 

 Pastor Jack, the pastor of the Pays Pourri church.

 Pastor Jack has kept trees in the area by his house.

 This brother is teaching Sunday School. He is reading a Bible Story from CAM's 101 Favorite Bible Stories.

 They asked me if I wanted to preach, so of course I took the opportunity

 Pastor Voltaire dedicating this baby to the Lord. 

 It is a blessing to see that most of the children that are dedicated in this church have a dad and mom that are married

 Visiting outside the church

 Pastor Jack visiting with a church member.

 Oktadine insisted that she carry my backpack. She also carried a suitcase for Pastor Voltaire on her head. Thankfully, she only did this for the first 10 minutes down the trail, before giving the suitcase to someone else to carry.

A view of Fond Parisien from the mountain.

 Headed down the mountain for home.

A part of the time, the trail was in this riverbed.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Building Fence at the Housing Project

We are continuing work at the Earthquake Housing Project in Leroux (Croix-des-Bouquet). In Haiti, it is very important to put up a fence around your property. Most times people put the fence up before building. The fence keeps goats and sheep out of your yard, along with unwanted trouble makers. It is also important, so that some wheeler-dealer does not come and sell some of your yard to someone else.

We give a big thank you to the Florida HBA, for sponsoring this part of the project. We also thank the work team from New York who worked hard.

It is going to be a 6' high chain link fence with barb wire around the top.  

Many of the people that received the houses pitched in to help with the fence.

Riding to the job site with tools and supplies. The little guys are Josiah and Nic who went along to help for a day.

One day after quitting, we drove up the mountain a little so the team could get a view of the valley from the mountain. Here they took a group photo.