Friday, February 28, 2014

The Word of God goes forth!

Praise God we were able to give out 100 Bibles to the church leaders in the mountains of Pays Pourri. Someone blessed us with a donation to buy Bibles for all the church leaders that participated in the Church Leader Seminar that we held in December. There was a shortage of Bibles for a few months, and we were not able to buy Bibles to give to the church leaders that participated in the second seminar that was held in Badie, Pays Pourri. But Kreyol Bibles are available again, so we were able to buy the Bibles and give them out. Praise God!

The boxes of Bibles.

 Craig Swartzentruber is helping give out the Bibles. Craig and his family are visiting from Montana.

 The church leaders are excited. They are reading from their new Bibles.

 We had Sunday School teachers too!

 This man came 6 hours walk to get his Bible.

 And Bibles for the cooks too!

 We were blessed to receive the Good Seed Devotional from Hanspeter and Käthy Häni Guggisberg, missionaries that visited us from Switzerland. They donated 12 boxes of Good Seed Devotionals for the mountains of Pays Pourri and Mare Rozeau.

 This pastor came to us alarmed. He couldn't find Psalms in the Bible we gave him. He thought we must have given him a Bible that didn't have Psalms in it. We helped him find Psalms and put the bookmark in for him. He right away read two Psalms. It was easy to tell the Psalms was his favorite book of the Bible.

Please pray that these pastors would study the Word. It is so important that they feed their congregation with the Word. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014


God bless you Mary Ann for the work you are doing. 

 Mary Ann feeding a little malnourished girl.

 Kenlove, his type of malnutrition causes swelling. 

 His swollen feet.

 Mary Ann's sister Amy feeding him milk.

Veronica helps her mom with the refeeding.

Looking healthier and happier.

 Wow, looking good!

 Ready to back to dad and grandma. 

 Devensky lost a tooth. Devensky came to us in November of 2012 with cholera, parasites, and severly malnourished. It's hard to believe he's the same guy.

Mich's mom came with her sick twins. Mary Ann helped her nurse them back to health. Here is Mich holding the little twins.

Please lift up the work of the IFM children's home in prayer. Also, please consider making a donation to help with this great work. God bless each of you for your interest in helping the precious people in Haiti for the Glory of God!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Building a house for a needy single mom.

We were blessed to have a donation to build a house for a needy person in our church. Here are pictures of the hard work that went into making it happen.

 Digging the footer and laying up the rock foundation. 

 Setting the rebar posts

 Bòs Christen

 Mike trying to oversee several things at a time. Thank God for cell phones.

 Walls up.

Laying block.

 Jack helping.

 The mason on the crew.

 Forming up for the concrete posts.

 Putting on the roof.

 Looking good.

Pouring the floor. 

In 4 1/2 days, we are almost finished. Fast work!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Earthquake Housing Construction

The teams, staff, and Haitian masons have been working hard. 

The duplexes are almost done.