Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thank you!

We have been blessed by the generosity of our friends at Cornerstone Dunkered Brethren Church, Covington, Ohio, Davis County Haiti Benefit Auction and the Florida Haiti Benefit Auction.

The money that was raised at these benefit auctions is truly a blessing to Gods work in Haiti.

Thank you to every donor, volunteer and buyer, we know these auctions would not be possible without you. 
We pray God will bless you for your labor of love.

From all of us at IFM.

Upcoming Haiti Benefit Auctions...

We cordially invite you to attend any or all of these upcoming Haiti benefit auctions.
100% off the proceeds will benefit t the following missions in Haiti.

 · Blue Ridge International for Christ

· Haitian Relief & Missions

· International Fellowship Haven

· LIFE Ministries

· Mennonite Gospel Mission to Haiti

· SLM Ministries

· Christian Aid Ministries

· Water for Life

· Christians Witness Mission

· International Faith Missions

· Gospel to Haiti

Kentucky Haiti Benefit Auction – April 28, 2012
Liberty, Kentucky.

Indiana Haiti Benefit Auction - May 26, 2012
345 North Van Buren Street
Shipshewana, IN 46565

New York Haiti Benefit Auction - June 16, 2012
Yates County Fair Old Route 14A
Penn Yan, NY 14527

Pennsylvania Haiti Benefit Auction - July 21, 2012
14 South New Holland Road,
Gordonville, PA 17529-9776
(717) 768-7680

Ohio Haiti Benefit Auction - September 1, 2012
8076 St Rt 241
Mt. Hope, OH 44660

Illinois Haiti Benefit Auction - October 27, 2012
Otto Center
Arthur, IL 61911

If you have questions about a specific auction please contact the local auction committee
or call International Faith Missions USA office (330)-439-6468,
we will be happy to answer your questions or direct you to somebody who will be able to.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lavy Family update

A little update on the new family here @ IFM....we have felt all your prayers as the new adjustments have went better than we expected. God is working in the lives of the staff members here and they have welcomed us with opened arms and have helped us through the new things we need to learn around here.
Learning wisdom in discerning all the many needs from trained beggars/or those that really are in need can be a challenge. We ask ourselves "What would Jesus do?" This is Haiti, but is this justifiable according to the Scriptures?
Pray for us in this area.
We do know Christ calls us to love, love comes from the Father and when we accept His love this should pour out of our hearts to others. Many of the Haitian people here are really starving for love. They want acceptance, the immorality shows that.
Pray that they can feel His love and acceptance.
We are learning piti (little bit) of Creole. Enough that we can communicate some, but we have still have a lot to learn.
Pray that we can apply ourselves more into the language.
Our children have enjoyed establishing relationships with the Haitians. There are good influences and bad.
Pray that our children will choose the right paths and influences.
Some-days we can feel inadequate in this calling. But we feel God giving us wings of strength in helping make decisions and when the days get challenging.
Pray that He will get all the glory and praise for the cause of His kingdom.
He is worthy!

The Lavy Family