Monday, January 19, 2015

Elementary School Snapshots

Jean Voltaire Oscar has been the school director since 1989. The other two young men assist here in the school office. 

The second grade classroom. 

The students receive a meal around eleven o'clock. This is the kitchen where the food is prepared. 

Dishing the food out. 



We currently have two classes in the church building. 

And one class in this tent. 

These ladies sell various snacks to the students. 

And this lady cleans up the trash that the students throw on the ground. 

Thank you to all who support the school in numerous ways. 
One thing we are hoping to do this year during the summer break is to hold a seminar for the teachers here and from other schools in Fond Parisien to better equip them to be consistent in teaching a biblical worldview concerning natural science and social science. If you or someone you know is interested in Creation Science and could teach a series on it we would be glad to hear from you. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Diphtheria Vaccination Campaign

There have been a few confirmed cases of Diptheria in our neighborhood, so the government has initiated a vaccination primarily for children, but encouraging all to receive the same. 

Today a few of us went along with the medical personnel to a village across the lake from us. Here we are boarding the ship to pass to the other side. 

This is the village of Port Ploom Batey. 

They first went to the school to be sure that the students received the inoculation. Then we set up in this church to receive the rest of the people from the village. Jeana Byler is assisting the nurses. 

This young man was taking down the names on a little card which the bearer is supposed to bring for another injection in one month. 

When everyone had been given a chance to be vaccinated, our group booked passage on this small vessel which took us back to our side of the lake. 

This village of about 1200 families has two churches and one school. The houses are all mud huts. There is a doctor that comes here once a week from Jimani and has an office in one of the churches. Most of the families are involved in raising goats or making charcoal. There are a number of little shops which supply staple foods yo the villagers. There is no water source in this village. The water is brought across the lake in buckets, barrels, or bags for the people to drink. It appears to be a quiet community that has adequate Christian presence. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Various Church Activities

There were several special services this week at Water of Life Mennonite Church. 

Wednesday we had a village service at the mission. The people gathered in the backyard to worship and pray and hear the Word of God. 

Thane Boone from Ohio preached about the New and Living Way. Wismith Joseph translated. 

Saturday afternoon there was a members meeting. These men comprise the current church committee, which organizes and facilitates the activities of the church. They make many of the decisions also. 

Sunday morning was an ordination service for the two deacons that were chosen in November. Standing with them to the left is Gesner Louis and his wife who were already serving in this capacity.  It was a very elaborate service planned by the church committee. There were several local pastors present to officiate. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

School Room Construction

Construction of school room for the Children's Home continues. 

Thane Boone from Ohio getting a plan for electrical. 

The crew of local masons are beginning to stucco the exterior. 

A group from Mike Martin's church working on sifting the sand for the stucco work. Luke Weaver, Danny Henry, Rocky Weaver, and Josiah Martin. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Staff Retreat

We enjoyed a time of spiritual and physical refreshment for a few days. 
Rocking chair fellowship. 
Devotional times by Rocky (Mike's pastor who is visiting with several others from their chuch).
Children's activities led by Heidi (Rocky's wife).
Devoting the day reading through the New Testament together. 

Building and strengthening relationships with each other and our Lord Jesus. 

Thank you God. Thank you Durwin and John H. To say we appreciate it is but feeble words to express our hearts.