Saturday, November 7, 2015

Assisting Mothers

Lovely came from the mountains to the children's home asking for help. Last week her sister Loveline died from a sudden illness, leaving 4 orphaned children. The oldest Djouvensky is not quite 3 years old, the twins are 1 1/2 yrs old, and baby Rose Milove is 5 months old. Normally, when someone dies, the grandparents help, but these orphans maternal grandmother died in the 2010 earthquake.
So what can we do? This is the daily question we are faced with living in Haiti. Since these orphans still have a father and an aunt, we are going are going to try to help them keep the children instead of taking the children into the children's home. We call this program "Assisting Mothers". We buy formula for them and give them fortified rice packets (MannaPacs) that we get from Feed My Starving Children and Love A Child.
Please pray for our Children's Home staff, Andrew, Andrea, Donita, and Barb. If you would like to help us buy formula, mark you donations "Assisting Mothers" and mail it to International Faith Missions, 5553 County Rd 79A, Saint Joe, IN 46785 or go to to make on online donation. Thank you and God Bless. -Mike