Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Church leaders seminar

Pastor Russell Rumble from Yakima WA teaching at Robia. Pastor Cerant translating.

Pastor Rumble taught on issues of moral purity.

Pastors registering for the seminar at Badi. Mike Martin, Pastor Sije, Victoria Rumble and Eralus Thelusme are facilitating the registration.

We used a tent at Badi, most of the pastors were able to fit inside.

On Monday 22 Dec Pastor Rumble was not feeling well. Mike Martin translating.

This region of Haiti, Pays Pourri, is home to about 15,000 people. It was only accessible by foot until last year when a road was completed. This road is mostly used by motorcycles, but Mike Martin has a small four wheel drive vehicle that can make it. Church is an important part of the social fabric, and there seems to be a desire among the many of the leaders for teaching. Our vision is to address moral issues, leadership development, and basic theology with simple, solid bible teaching.
There is also a need for schools and education.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The third year of Church Leaders' Seminar in Pays Pourri

 Please pray for the church leaders seminar in the mountains. This is the first day of our four day seminar. It is the third year that we have been blessed to do this seminar. Today we had 130 participants from all over Pays Pourri and Marre Roseau, Haiti.

Looking over the notes that we handed out.

Choice of coffee or tea for breakfast.

And a piece of bread.

Pastor Simeon Shankster


Following along in the notes.

Today's Subjects: 1. Christ (types and prophecies), 2. Christ revealed, 
3. Christ's teachings, 4. The return of Christ.

Mike and Simeon, today's speakers discussing the topic.

Mike teaching.

Pete was the moderator.

Please pray that the Spirit would work!