Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kenlove's Story

Kenlove came to us in January . He was just 13 lbs and was very malnourished. He was swollen from liquid in his body and he hadn’t urinated for at least 20 hours! He was so pitiful looking, he skin was covered with white pimples from infection which caused him to scratch a lot. 

He is from Pays Pouri. His mom had died a couple months after he was born and he was passed from one family member to the next, to an aunt, to another aunt, to a close friend until he came to live with his Grandma here in Fond Parisien. She cared for him the best that she could, but he was already so sick. Everyone around her was telling her, “He is going to die”. She decided to bring him to our clinic where doctor Jolius saw him. He came asking if we could put him in our Refeeding program. We took him in and after doing the paperwork, the grandma handed him over. She thanked us over and over for giving her grandson this chance. She blessed us and left, coming back every week to check on him . It took awhile for him to get stabilized, but after about 2 ½ weeks he started to gain weight and by the time the month was up he was ready to go back to a grandma who could not believe her Kenlove not only had a chance at life but was completely healthy! 

He still comes back every ten days to get weighed and to receive Herbalife (protein supplement drink) and Manna packs (fortified rice meals). And every time the grandma thanks us and praises God again for what He has done for Kenlove !! It is amazing to see how God has made these little ones and how a little love and care from us, God can use that to bless 10 times more then we can imagine! Our God is good!! 

A special thanks to our two nannies (Mary Ann & Rachel) who help take care of all the children that are here, and to our God that has given us so much, so we can help those who need it. Pray for us here that God would give us wisdom as we work at the Children’s Home.

Matt Newcomer