Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nou la! / We are here!

This is our new sign planted firmly beside Market Street in Shreve, Ohio.

Have a quick look inside!
These are the walls and the desk I hide behind all day.
The phone is not properly hooked up yet, I have to stand at the
window and use my cell phone to take care of all the phone calls.
Even though it is small I am very thank for this one and only window in my office,
and last but certainly not least, in the corner you will see my huge filing cabinet.

If you want to see the rest of our new facility you will have to stop-in 
I will take you on a tour, if you are lucky I might even have hot coffee for you!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moving to New Heights

Wismith & Becca have become very special to me over the last 2 years. Thanx alot for your friendship & Wismith for all the cultural lessons you've taught me!

Becca [or Madam Wismith ] is so excited to be moving in to their new house. Tues & Wed. a bunch of us were helping with this n that.

Weldan & Jonny [from Ohio] did lots of hard work to get the place ready. Here they are trying to frame a door in a not - so- straight concrete doorway!

Becca & I working to slide in some of the pieces of glass for the windows.

This welded platform that the guys are unloading was put up close to the ceiling to support the water tanks that will supply the house with water.

Wismith & Becca's house is on the second story. {On top of what will be the vocational school.}This gives the whole house full sweep of the refreshing breezes that are almost constant up here in the 'boulay'. There is a metal stairway that goes down on the side of the porch where the guys are standing.

Welcome to the Lavy Family!!

We all very excited to have a new administrator family join our team here! Aaron & Wendy are from Ohio and are here for 2 years along with their children , Rylan 13 , Kenslie 10 , & Jayla 8.

Please pray for all of them and the staff here as we make adjustments and continue to serve God here in Haiti.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Can you hear the cry of the children?

This past Sat. a bunch of us went to Cazelle to visit "Real Hope For Haiti". This is a rescue center for kids that are sick or malnourished or some of them are handicapped. The kids come to the centre and are put on a feeding program for several weeks or sometimes months till they can return back to their families .

Mary Ann, Sheila and Ellen trying to make this little guy smile. He is very malnourished and frail but seems to be improving well on the feeding program.

Ruth with another teensy one!

The kids just love attention.... this little girl plopped on my lap and started opening her braids and promptly declared I need to do her hair. I didn't mind a bit and had fun redoing her braids.

Some of the scenery on the way back to Cazelle looked a mini version of the bad lands.

The last beautiful sunset of 2011!! I praise God for his faithfulness this year!