Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013 Youth Bible School

Please pray earnestly for the youth Bible School next week. We have 123 youth registered to come from 13 churches. Pray for the students that their hearts would be open to the truth, that God would give them a desire to learn.

Pray for the 7 teachers, that the Holy Spirit would guide their preparation. That they could teach in a way that the youth comprehend it. Here are the topics and teachers:
- "Deeper Christian Life" by Pastor Sujet
- "Purity" (Girls class) by Rebecca Joseph & Wendy Lavy
- "Purity" (Boys class) by Jean Claude Compere & Andy Eversole
- "Salvation" by Ivan Miller
- "Christian Leadership" by Andy Eversole
- "How the tabernacle points to Christ" by Mathew Morhart

Pray for the support team, cooks, and cleaning people.

The youth Bible School will go from 8 am - 4 pm, Tuesday the 23rd to Saturday the 27th.