Saturday, July 14, 2012

We're On the Move and In the Air!!

 The day shall always be remembered as the memoriable day in the IFM pharmacy girls' history! We have had contruction bosses busily working on remodeling the old clinic part. They have put big support posts thro the centre of the hospital and replastered all the ceilings with cement. This is to make the whole building stronger and more 'earthquake proof'. Of course this means that we all have to move out . One by one all the rooms got moved back to the new hospital part and we got settled in back there. Wednesday afternoon was the big day we moved all the piles and piles of stuff over to our new pharmacy. What an exhausting day, but it was worth!

Dale and Wisky lugged those old metal shelving units over to the brand new pharmacy. Of course not all of them -  you see we didn't move all the tonnes of other stuff and junk that accumalated in the old pharmacy so we didn't need all those shelves!!
 Hence the old pharmacy looked like this after we yanked all the stuff off to move those shelves over. I just couldn't stop exclaiming over all the STUFF!!
Michelle and Wisky pause for a picture on one of the voyages over with boxes of meds, lotions and injections.

Nice! Very nice! The little nook where we girls package pills. In  no time at all we were settled & back to work. I think the pink desk accents the corner just splendid!
Sheila handing meds out of the new pharmacy window - wow! So modern! It's taken our patients a little longer to adjust to the change and find us at our new location.
HMMM!! The best part of the pharmacy day is our visitors. Eddie and the rest of the little kid's home guys love to come visit us!
Way to go Matt!! He gave us his electrical services and rigged up the speaker system for our stereo. Now all the patients and staff can enjoy great music thro out the day!
....... and now for the best part, not only did he wire up the stereo he......

....put in an air conditioner!!!! Thus I say perhaps the most life changing day in IFM pharmacy girls history!! Now the meds can stay nice and cool instead of melting in the heat and ... so can we! Thanks Matt!