Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Mango tree


Beneath the spreading branches, against the mighty trunk, eager ears did listen and grubby faces watched-the woman tell the story of Jesus and His love.

Branches swayed by little boys mocking the scolders speech-Sounds of mangos falling, the sweetness in their teeth.  

Oft time’s soft words counseled or perhaps the tempers flared. The believers sang hallelujah and couples married there.

The joy of life beginning, the sadness of deaths door, encompass thoughts so fleeting and the sound of water in ones ear.

And now its life is waning though a few leaves are yet green but the roots of all our memories run deeper than men can see.


Some of you have already read about Devensky on the IFM website, but here is a more complete story from Mary Ann.

A couple weeks ago I had the blessed privilege of caring for Devensky for two days. Devensky is a small boy maybe 4 or 5 years old and he came to our cholera center along with a group of others who came for treatment. They had to travel for hours to get here and by the time they got here small Devensky was almost gone. Thankfully the nurse who was on duty got an IV started right away and saved his life. The problem was that he was so severely malnourished we were afraid his body couldn’t handle all the liquid and indeed within the first hour his little stomach was big and tight. We wanted to transfer him to another hospital right away but there was no one who was willing to go along with him. None of the people who came down with him wanted to be responsible for him and in fact two men who came with him slipped away quick leaving one old lady here to take care of three ladies and little Devensky. Unfortunately this lady was not interested in wasting time on him so there was no one to take care of him. He was almost dying and needed someone so Mike asked me if I’d be willing to take him till we figure out what to do. Of course I jumped at the chance and I got to take care of this precious little boy.
He was so pitiful and thin laying there on the cot in the hospital all by himself. It just broke my heart.
Jo's Visit Nov 2012 080Jo's Visit Nov 2012 088
I thought he was going to break when I gently gathered him up in my arms and carried him to my soft bed. The first thing that was in order was of course a warm bath!! There is little that compares to the joy of bathing someone like Devensky in warm soapy water. When I took the warm washcloth and started gently washing his face he just smiled! He was so dirty the water actually turned brown.
Jo's Visit Nov 2012 093
Judging from the bottoms of his tiny feet I doubt that he’s ever worn shoes or socks; not only were they covered with black grime but they were calloused thick like the soles of shoes. Washing those feet and massaging them with coconut oil was pure joy!!
Jo's Visit Nov 2012 096Jo's Visit Nov 2012 098
What a beautiful boy! All clean and sweet! Sleeping peacefully!
IMG_4837Jo's Visit Nov 2012 101
And then the worms came! I guess they were pretty hungry and decided to go find some food. Out they came from both ends! Unbelievable amounts and some the size of small snakes- even out of his mouth!! It was so awful I just wanted to sob.
The first night we didn’t know if he’d make it through the night but by morning he seemed to feel better so after another bath and some clean pjs he sat up and tried to eat a bit of breakfast.
Jo's Visit Nov 2012 106Jo's Visit Nov 2012 109
But alas, every time he would drink a little something or take a bit of food he’d get this sick look on his face and hold really still for a long time and then sure enough an evil worm would come out of his mouth. And he passed fistfuls of big fat ones in his diaper.
IMG_4842Jo's Visit Nov 2012 112
Then he stopped eating and drinking all together. We couldn’t get him interested in anything. I even tried a sucker which he took and put in his mouth for about two licks then he was done with that too. He was completely uninterested  in life I got the feeling that he was trying to die.
Finally I just realized he might be more than I can handle right now. What if he would die just because I wanted to keep him and couldn’t admit that he needed to be somewhere he could get more care than I had to offer. So after two days and nights of loving on him I let him go. He is at Real Hope For Haiti which is a rescue center for children just like Devensky who are severely malnourished. They were delighted to have him and I trust he is doing well under their experienced loving care.
Jo's Visit Nov 2012 119
I am so thankful I got to be a small part of his life. I wish many times I could have done more for him but I release him to God and trust he will work everything out for good in Devensky’s life!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Getting the job done

Here is a look at our hard working young men here and what all they got done this week!

Here is Tiboutson doing the usual, but what he is good at--welding.

Our ever-faithful mechanic, Austin. Once again, trying to get the blue van running.
This time it worked!

Since the lake has risen so much it was time to get the electric panel moved to higher ground.
Aaron is having fun at using his electric skills.

Shea moving dirt for a parking lot on higher ground as the school boys look on.

Aaron and Rylan prepare the way for the new spot for the batteries.

Mike places the batteries in their new location, this was a good job to finally get done.
We depend on these batteries and the water had finally reached them, so it was time to get them moved.

Putting up a solar system for Wismiths home and school.

Kenlyn Miller did the prep work to get these sent down and then brought his family to help get them installed. Here is Kenlyn, Shea, Noelgens, (Wismiths nephew) and Aaron mounting the solar panels.
They have electricity now!

God has blessed us with another wonderful week, his wonders to perform. 
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


As Thanksgiving Day fast approaches here in America, I realize that we at IFM have something for which to be very thankful – the faithful support of all of you. Whether it was through your attendance and participation at a local Haiti Benefit Auction, your sponsorship of a child throughout the school year, your prayers on behalf of our teams on the field, or something else that may have gone entirely unnoticed, “Thank-you!!” Your support helps the work to continue. My prayer for you is that God’s hand of blessing will be upon you for your generosity and willingness to help.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Redeemed Vocational School

  We had final exams in the English class at the Redeemed Vocational School (“RVS”) last week.    The school opened for classes in June, and offered English classes, as well sewing classes.  With that, a long-time dream of establishing a vocational school where Haitian youth could be taught skills to improve their economic future took its first baby steps to reality.
     The first Introductory English class had 19 students.  The class lasted for ten weeks.  After that course was completed, six students went on to take the Intermediate English class, which took another ten weeks.  For the last ten weeks, RVS has offered both Introductory and Intermediate English classes. 

Wisner taking his test.

One of the exciting parts of RVS’ format is the Bible session that takes place either before or after every class.  It is an important opportunity to train our students in the ways of God and salvation. One of the problems facing the church in Haiti is syncretism.  Haitians come from a worldview steeped in superstition, voodoo and nature worship.  A new convert’s temptation is to add Christianity on top of these other things instead of seeing Christ and His claims as totally replacing their former beliefs.  

Styvenson taking his test.

Our students did well on the exam.  This weekend we had a graduation fèt (party).  A young man named Nere Wisner graduated with highest honors.  He passed the exam without missing a single question.  Wisner (his first name) goes to the Water of Life church that the mission supports and is still taking high school classes in the afternoon.  He is the oldest of three children and hopes to become a pediatrician in the future. Three other students, Joseph Frandy, Louis Styvenson and Volcy Nerlange passed the exam and graduated with honors. 

Pray for all of the students that finished the course.  We believe that God is in the process of raising up a young generation of Haitian believers that can transform the church and the surrounding culture for His Glory.  Also continue to pray for RVS.  Our vision is to expand this school with business and finance classes in 2013, and to add auto mechanics and computer classes as resources are available.

- Andy Eversole

Note: Redeemed Vocational School is a ministry of Wismith and Rebecca Joseph. Wismith has helped out at IFM for years. IFM partners with Wismith at Redeemed Vocational School. Check out the school's website at: 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

...And the Lake Keeps Rising

Last day of doing laundry in the courtyard

Now our only option is doing laundry on the roof top

After each rain you can see a big difference in the level of water!
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Youth Institute

      Kiko's and Tom's and a few youth are planning to attend a Youth Institute in January sponsored by Blue Ridge at Piedra Blanca. Laurie helped Juan Antonio and Dario bake cupcakes to sell to raise money for their tuition. These young men spent several days selling on the street, and at local schools.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Update on Solidad Paul

A big thank you to those of you that have shown interest in Solidad Paul. Praise God for the $2,200.00 that you all have sent in for her situation. Yesterday, I gave Solidad's mom the money for visas ($400), some money for lab exams ($150), and capital to start a small business ($500). She is now going to get the one year visas to the Dominican Republic and go over to Santo Domingo to check on Solidad. While she is over there, she is going to buy $500 worth of merchandise to resell in Haiti. Please continue to pray for Solidad's healing, and for Antoni (Solidad's mom) to have strength and courage to continue on. Antoni was overjoyed to see how God had provided through you all. Thank you!!!