Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Trip to visit an agricultural project

     On Saturday, we were able to take a trip to Hinche, about 3 1/2 hrs drive to visit an agricultural project. We went with Haitians from Pays Pourri and missionaries from several other missions. The project we visited is MPP (Movement de Payisan de Papay). It is a Haitian organization that is committed to advancing agriculture.

 One of the things they promote is using old tires, turned inside out as a raised bed, vegetable garden.

 Below is a earthworm bed. The African earthworm and the California earthworm are aggresive eaters. They turn leaves and table scraps into rich compost very fast.

Below is a goat shelter. They promote feeding goats up off the ground to reduce disease. Also with the slatted floor, it is easy to collect the manure.

Below is a drying rack for drying moringa leaves. Moringa leaves are a natural source of vitamins and nutrients. The dried leaves can be ground into powder and added to almost any prepared food.

On the way home, we stopped by the dam. Below is the water generators. We are looking down on it from the dam.

The dam has lots of drop.

The beautiful lake created by the dam.

The dam from the lake side.

We also saw a place where they make sugar cane syrup. This is the press, powered by two oxen.

They boil the juice in this stone kettle. The fire is in the hole underneath.

We saw this man plowing with oxen.

When we were still about 30 minutes from Port-au-Prince, we came on an accident scene. A motorcycle driver was hit by a vehicle and broke his leg. Clint, our driver, felt like we should stop and see if we could help. We ended up taking the man to a hospital in Port-au-Prince, driving through a dangerous area, that we do not normally drive through at night.

We thank God for safety traveling. It was a blessing to be able learn some agricultural techniques. Hopefully, we will be able to use what we learned to help the farmers in the mountains to the south of us.

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