Friday, December 20, 2013

Pastor Seminar Robia 13'

 The past four days Dec. 9-12th 75 pastors and church leaders from 18 churches across the north side of Pay-Pourri and Marosau gathered together for our second annual Pastor Training Seminar.

We were blessed to have brother Sujet from Petit Goave with us this year. The leaders enjoyed his teaching immensely. At one point when lunch break was called the leaders begged him to continue letting lunch get cold listening as his 1 hour session stretched to 2 1/2 hours. The hunger for spiritual food is truly great.       

May the Lord bless Jeams August for all his hard work as our translator.

We thank those of you who prayed for these past four days! As God's word was taught and lives were impacted for Christ's kingdom. On the third day a Haitian brother stood up after a session and said: 
"Our elders told us of many things but the more we look to the bible the more we see we need to throw out what they have told us and take up God's word as our truth."
We Continue to pray for just that, that God's word would be established as truth in the hearts and lives of the leaders of Christ's church.     

We also have to thank the 9 cooks that gave of themselves all 4 days so that we could eat 2 meals a day together.

We were very blessed by a Brother that made it possible for us to purchase Bibles for each of the pastors participating.

As our last day came to a close all the pastors were presented with a certificate of completion along with their Creole Bible and we ended with prayer for the upcoming seminar in Badi.
Please join us in Prayer as God's word continues to go forth!   

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